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Simimi is a young and independent Spanish fragrance brand created around a simple, yet universal concept: 


Love in all its shapes and colours. From the primary and purest love, to the ultimate and most mystical one. A universe of feelings transformed into scented notes.


The complexity and flawlessness of love makes this project wonderful. Simimi wants to offer different fragrances to perpetuate moments of love through   memories. So there must be a fragrance for each kind of love. For each mood. For each occasion.


Simimi was born to make possible the art of keeping all these loves in precious bottles of perfume.

The memories collection of moments of love.


The name of the brand relates to its founder, Mireia Navarro. Mireia chose to combine a nickname she acquired while living in France, along with a French expression.


mimi     the nickname of Mireia Navarro, a free-spirited woman driven by an innate sense of beauty and elegance. 

si mimi      mimi is short for mignon – cute – in French: si mimi means that something is so cute it become irresistible.

simimi      is therefore an elegant and irresistible brand, created by a woman, for women.

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There is no fragrance of love without an elixir of love. Mireia chose a flower that she loved, to be that elixir: the Stellaria Holostea. 

It is a white flower from the carnation family that symbolizes pure love. It has five petals shaped like hearts and it grows in fields all around Mireia’s home town Barcelona. 

This flower is the embodiment of love and is the symbol of Simimi. It is found in the logo and on the cap of the fragrances, but most importantly, a few drops is present in every fragrance from the brand.

We call it the Simimi Flower.


Simimi was created by Mireia Navarro, an independent Spanish woman whose choices in life all contributed to the establishment of her brand.

Since an early age she has been intrigued by mixing soaps and creams at home. She inherited a strong entrepreneur spirit from her family and by the time she was eight, she had decided to become her own boss. So Mireia decided to study business, specializing in fashion and beauty. 

She then worked at prestigious companies such as LVMH, Abercrombie & Fitch and Fendi, but most importantly, in the perfume and cosmetics division of Chanel where she learned the craft of perfumes.

In 2013 she started working on her project and by 2016 she was ready to launch her first line of fragrances and scented candles.



Mireia Navarro enlisted the help of a well known international Italian perfumer, Paolo Terenzi, to create her first line of products. Paolo Terenzi was impressed by Mireia’s vision for fragrances that perpetuate memories of love and shared his talent and expertise in order to bring Mireia’s ideas to life. 

Each fragrance was created around a story about a different kind of love. Mireia knew from the beginning that she wanted her stories to be emotional, passionate and relatable. So she chose to tell real stories of real lovers from all times and places.

Not only do the stories serve as the inspiration for the perfumer to create the scent but also as the link to the customer. Because every woman can find a Simimi story that relates to her own life, choosing a Simimi fragrance is done as much with the heart, as it is with the nose!

From Spain to Italy, the collaboration of two creative minds is the promise of a successful future for Simimi!

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