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Collections of Love

Simimi is the translation of every type of love into eternal niche perfumes. Its three collections: Amour Tendre, Amour Intense and Amour +21 (coming up soon). The first one is inspired by the first woman we fall in love with in life; maternal love. Pure, innocent, unconditional. Followed by the collection of passionate love, the most famous of all of them. Romantic, irrational, intense. And finally, carnal love, a feeling inherent to all of us, even if we do not always want to accept it. Obscure, animal, uncontrollable. 


Easy to wear niche fragrances made in Italy with warm influences from Barcelona and the Mediterranean. Each bottle is a perfect balance of uniqueness, quality, handicraft and excellent raw materials. The perfect way to eternalize your moments of true love. 

Discover them....

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Simimi Amour Tendre

Pure. Innocent. Unconditional


Simimi Amour Intense

 Romantic. Irrational. Passionate. 

Free samples*

We are giving free samples of our latest fragrance, Folie de Marguerite Extrait de Parfum. You just have to subscribe here and we will contact you with all the details. 

You will also be receiving a 10% discount in the purchase of a 100ml bottle of Folie de Marguerite Extrait de Parfum!

*shipment not included

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