The first collection, Simimi Amour Tendre, is inspired in the very first love of our lives, the most tender one, the love between child and mother.

Three real stories from around the world were the seed for the creation of SimimiAmour Tendre fragrances: Anna, Sisa and Zhang. Women. Mothers. Role models. Examples of nuances of tender love: memorable, unconditional, wise. Experiences as full of life as Simimi.

Connected to the collection’s inspiration, we have created the Eau Parfumée, anallergen free perfume. With tender love in mind, we have developed this revolutionary new formula, suitable for the most sensitive skins. Delicate and gentle as a sea breeze.

Therefore, there is a perfect couple of Extrait de Parfum and Eau Parfumée for each woman of this collection. Their scents are like siblings born from the same story, butwith their own personality. Same origin. Different mood. Being able to change your perfume while keeping your identity. Fresh and Strong. Day and Night. Summer andWinter. Or even mixed. There are no limits to love.

Rooted in the initial vision, the collection has been thought for women, of all ages and conditions. Thanks to its precious and diverse fragrances, Simimi Amour Tendre will not be only seen as a mother-baby product, but as the representation of the most
sincere love.

Simimi Amour Tendre, the brightest and most respectful line. The feeling of happiness and relief just as a baby inhaling the scent of his mum.



The second collection of the brand gets its inspiration from the most recurring type of love in poetry, music, painting and the rest of arts: passion.

There are thousands of stories about passionate love. Intense. Beautiful. Provocative. Ardent. They show a woman revealed in a completely different facet. The explosion of femininity. Her fervent instincts wafting in the air and catching other’s attention. Her self-confidence leaving no one indifferent. That’s the woman of Simimi Amour Intense. Simimi Amour Intense, the most gracious and appealing line. The feeling of elegant power and pride of a desired and beloved woman.

Inspired by the lovers passion, there is just place for the intensity of the Extrait de Parfum and the warmth of the Scented Candle. The best partners to remember your love story. Because love can be not only spritzed but also melted into the air; being the light of your love memories.

The fragrances of this collection are also from true stories: Candela Klavdia ans Marguerite; three incredible passionate romances. Women. Lovers. Fighters. Their lives are touching allusions to the shades of intense love. True. Demanding. Eternal. Stories as full of passion as Simimi