Mireia Navarro is an endless dreamer who has always known what she wanted. By the age of three, she was already having fun mixing perfumes, soaps and creams at home. Her entrepreneurship spirit, a family legacy, has led her to undertake business studies at ESADE Business School in Barcelona; the first step towards her dream.On the year of ther Master’s Degree, she focused on Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Babson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

She then pursued a Master’s Degree in Fashion and Beauty Communication at Carlos III University in Madrid, which allowed her to carry out in-depth research in the perfumery world and to work within the Cosmetics and Perfume marketing department at Chanel.

Each and every crucial decision she has taken, as well as the experiencies she has lived (LVMH, Abercrombie&Fitch, Fendi... Paris, China, Milano...), have aimed to bring her closer to her goal.

Since the day she has decided to create her own perfume brand, she has never looked back.

It all started when Paolo Terenzi, a great family friend of many years, offered to help her turn her dreams into reality. Owner and Director of Cereria Terenzi, a renowned Italian company amidst the artistic perfumery, Paolo encompasses the effervescence of Italian luxury scents.

Thanks to the support of her entrepreneurial family, to the collaboration of the Terenzi family, and to her own hard work and dedication, Mireia has always known that, one day, she would find her fragrances amongst the best and most exclusive perfumeries.

With Mireia Navarro’s sensational brand and product concept, Paolo Terenzi’s olfactory excellence, and his sister Tiziana Terenzi’s astounding artistic vision, added to the authentic artisanal production and elaboration, Simimi looks forward to a successful 2016.

For the founder, this maison is the result of her dreams, experiences, work, travels, confidence, and, above all, love, much love. Love in the idea. Love in the production. Love in the people supporting her. Love in the design and the image. Love for sacrifice and resolution. Love for people and the environment. Love for details. Love 360º.

This is why Simimi has no limits, because love is global, plural and ethereal. It cannot be locked up or banned. Love knows no age, origin or culture, religion or gender. It is, like Simimi, timeless and universal.