When it comes to give a name to a concept, to an illusion of brand, a storm of ideas lands in the mind. Some of them are not bad. Some are really bad. But one or two can be helpful only as starting point.

And there's where magic begins. 

As you can read at "The Founder" section, the owner and creator of Simimi is Mireia Navarro.When she was living in Paris, all her friends called her Mimi, making her name easier to pronounce and sweeter. She liked it so much that now everyone, from France, Spain and abroad, call her Mimi.

Moreover, in French, the word "mimi" is a synonym of “mignon”, meaning cute. She thought it would be perfect for her brand: the name makes reference to the owner and to one of its multiple qualities; cuteness.

The particle “si” completes the brand name becoming “si mimi”, which translated into “so cute” in English.